Is the Artweger TWINLINE watertight?

The door seal in high Artweger quality makes the TWINLINE watertight (like a washing machine). The material of the seal is durable and elastic. It is recommended to have the seal checked by your installer after 3 to 5 years and to have it replaced if necessary.



Which TWINLINE models are there?

We differentiate between TWINLINE 1 and TWINLINE 2. Both model ranges are available in the sizes: TWINLINE 160, TWINLINE 170 and TWINLINE 180. The TWINLINE models can also be supplied in a whirlpool design. Your installer will support and advise you in choosing the right model and will ensure expert installation.



Which skirts are available for the TWINLINE?

The TWINLINE 1 and TWINLINE 2 models are available with a white plastic skirt and glass skirts in the colours glass clear, anthracite and Bordeaux. If the TWINLINE is to be tiled, it is best to use the Twinline tile backer board.
For TWINLINE 2 there is also a decorative glass skirt with different designs and metal skirts to match the design heating elements by Vogel&Noot.



What do I need to consider before installation?

When renovating any bathroom it is important to lay the water and electrical lines correctly. In addition the exact product dimensions must be considered. Your installer will expertly support you in all installation questions.



How does the door closure work?


Shower: When the door closes, it engages automatically and stays fixed. To open, pull the end of the handle up.
Bath: The door closes and is engaged. By pushing the button on the edge of the tub, you initiate the bath procedure: the drain is closed, the button lights continuously and the tub can be filled. When the tub is filled to about 2 cm a level sensor causes the door to be blocked and fixed in this position. After the bath, pushing the button opens the drain, and the tub is emptied. The door remains blocked at first; the button blinks during this phase. Not until the bathtub is emptied does the level sensor release the door closure, the light on the button goes out, and the shower door can be opened by lifting the end of the handle.



Shower: When the door closes, it engages automatically and stays fixed. Set the closure to the shower position, the drain remains open during the shower. To open the shower door pull the end of the handle up.
Bath: The door closes and is engaged. Slide the closure to the "Bath" position. The drain is automatically closed and remains closed during the bath. To empty the bathtub, slide the closure to the "Shower" position. The drain is automatically opened. Only once the tub is completely emptied can you open the shower door by lifting the end of the handle.



Is the door made of safety glass?

Yes. In the TWINLINE, special, heat-treated, single-pane safety glass (EN 12150), which is more resistant to impact, shock and temperature changes, is used. If the glass breaks, glass granules form, reducing the risk of injury considerably.



What is the best way to clean the TWINLINE?

The TWINLINE is especially easy to clean: With its “Art-Clean” special coating for genuine glass (optional), TWINLINE offers little hold for dirt and lime deposits. In addition, the hinges glued on the outside make the inner surface of the door particularly quick and easy to clean. Otherwise you care for your TWINLINE as you would for a normal shower or bathtub.



Is TWINLINE also available as a whirlpool?

The whole TWINLINE 1 range is available as a whirlpool, the TWINLINE 2 range as an airpool. 



What is the guarantee?

5-YEAR guarantee: for shower door, tub and skirt(s).

2-YEAR statutory warranty: for electrical and electronic elements, ART-Clean glass coating, ART-Grip anti-skid coating, seat, neck support, and tub set.

20-YEAR availability guarantee for replacement parts



Which showerheads and bathtub fittings can be used?

Almost all commercially available brand-name showerheads fit the TWINLINE. For the fittings: a thermostatic fixture with shutoff/adjustment valve installed in the middle of the long side combined with an integrated tub inlet is ideal. Your installer will gladly advise you.