The BODY+SOUL is a steam shower that puts design at the focal point of what well-being really is: Deceleration, reducing speed, just feeling good.



Special solutions:

From steam shower to 5-star wellness oasis. Put your own well-being package together. Whether individual seat(s) or bench, or perhaps even both, from the basic features with steam and aroma to fully equipped with music, coloured light and integrated overhead showerhead - you have the choice.

Cleaning & Care:

We recommend the Art-Squeegee included with every genuine-glass shower for wiping off the water from the glass after every shower. For hygienic and easy cleaning of your bathroom and shower, Artweger recommends the biodegradable Artweger Blitz Blank cleanser. It has optimum cleaning power without damaging the surfaces of Artweger products. Artweger Blitz Blank is available from your bathroom dealer. Do not use on marble or calciferous stone!

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