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What is the delivery for Artweger products?

Many products are available from stock. Products, that cannot be supplied immediately from stock have the following delivery times:
Shower enclosures: 2-3 weeks
Steam showers: 3 weeks
Bathtubs and shower trays in stock
Whirlpools:  4 weeks
TWINLINE:  2-3 weeks
All delivery times are ex works Bad Ischl




How flexible is Artweger with made-to-measure adaptions of shower enclosures to space requirements?

For Artweger custom manufacture is a matter of course. Every custom shower from Artweger adapts practically and creatively to room requirements with even the most complicated corners. We have the right solutions for all special requests, whether slanted ceilings, narrow spaces or generous walk-in systems. A sketch of the exact installation situation is essential.



What door systems does Artweger offer?

Depending on the product line Artweger offers the following door systems: winged door, pivot door, swinging door and sliding door. In addition, folding doors and folding screens are available for some product lines.



What does "natural anodised" mean?

Anodisation is a galvanic process in which the aluminium surface is transformed into an oxide layer. The hard, dense surface created in this way is joined fast to the underlying material. It protects the anodised aluminium from corrosion and abrasion. Anodisation is a cost-effective alternative to powder coating.



How long is the guarantee on Artweger products?

The guarantee on Artweger shower enclosures is 5 years and covers defects in manufacture and materials.



What is a single-pane safety glass?

Thanks to careful heat treatment according to EN 12150, the glass obtains considerably increased resistance to impact, shock and temperature change. Due to these properties, single-pane safety glass can be used as a structural element for shower enclosures. If the glass breaks, blunt-edge glass granules mostly form that remain partially tightly interlaced with one another. Possible risk of injury is thereby reduced significantly.



What is ArtClean glass coating for?

Art-Clean is a special glass coating for genuine glass that is only applied at the factory and hinders lime and dirt deposits. This way with regular cleaning the glass-clear brilliance stays durable and turns glass shower enclosures into easy-care showpieces in your bathroom.



What does Artweger recommend for cleaning its products?

For the hygienic and easy cleaning of your bathroom and shower, Artweger recommends the biodegradable Artweger BlitzBlank cleanser. It has optimum cleaning power without damaging the surfaces of Artweger products. Artweger BlitzBlank is available from your bathroom dealer.
Do not use on marble or calciferous stone!



Can you buy Artweger products directly from the factory?

Shower enclosures, steam showers and whirlpools are distributed exclusively through authorised bathroom dealers.

Care products (Artweger BlitzBlank, Artclear liquid and tabs, etc.) as well as replacement parts are also available directly from Artweger.



Does Artweger also offer drain fixtures for bathtubs and shower trays?

Yes, we offer drain and overflow fixtures as accessories for all Artweger bathtubs and shower trays. They are already built into our whirlpools.



Why is the surcharge for chrome-plated surfaces relatively high?

The surface finish using genuine chrome requires a complex and error-free manufacturing process. The aluminium work pieces require a special alloy suitable for this. Before the galvanic application of the chrome layer, surface irregularities are removed in an elaborate sanding and polishing process. The chrome layer is responsible for the familiar, shining brilliance that matches the fixtures installed in your bathroom. However, for this to come into its own, there are also a copper layer and two nickel layers concealed underneath. This high-quality, demanding procedure allows the use of chrome surfaces in bathrooms.