FAQ shower enclosures and tubs


What material is used in Artweger shower trays and bathtubs?

The sheet material in Artweger shower trays and bathtubs is manufactured according to the DIN EN 263 standard from cast bathroom acrylic with netting.

Die Badewanne TL wird in einem Mehr-Komponenten-System hergestellt, Die Oberfläche besteht aus Sanitätacryl, die Rückseite wird mit lösemittelfreiem Polyurethan im Mehrschicht-Verfahren verstärkt.



Are custom colours available for shower trays and bathtubs?

Artweger shower trays and bathtubs are only available in white.



Does Artweger offer barrier-free shower enclosures and trays ?

Yes, the Artweger shower enclosure series LIFELINE Mobil, HIGHLINE+, Artweger WALK IN, CITYLINE TOP, PURELINE and CITYLINE FOR ME are available in a barrier-free version (without an overflow moulding). In addition the shower enclosures from the LIFELINE Mobil series are suitable for wheelchairs, whereby the wheelchair suitability depends on applicable standards and/or individual requirements.



Does Artweger also offer genuine-glass shower enclosures in custom heights? 

Yes, however custom heights are not possible with genuine-glass quarter-round showers because of the curved glass of the doors.



What are the frames of Artweger shower enclosures made of?

The frames of all Artweger shower enclosures are manufactured from a special aluminium-magnesium alloy that is especially suited for use in bathrooms.



Why does some Artweger enclosures have a frame peace on the shower tray?

This overflow moulding guarantees very good watertightness at the bottom and increases the stability of the shower enclosure.



Must one clean and rub dry a genuine-glass shower after every use?

Artweger recommends the Art-Squeegee included with every genuine-glass shower for drawing off the water from the glass after every shower. For optimum cleaning Artweger offers a cleaning set as an accessory containing a squeegee, 3 special cleaning cloths, and one litre BlitzBlank.



Is the shower tray drilled into when installing sn Artweger shower enclosure?

No, when installing an Artweger shower enclosure the shower tray is not drilled into. In standard solutions the attachment occurs solely on the tiled walls of the room.



How are Artweger shower enclosures sealed with the tiles and shower tray?

Artweger recommends sealing with silicone caulking from the outside. In this way it is ensured that the water runs off into the shower tray.



Can one also use window cleaner on genuine-glass showers?

Artweger recommends not using commercially available window cleaners because they do not contain lime dissolvers, unlike Artweger's BlitzBlank shower cleanser.