FAQ Wellness


What is wellness?

Wellness means the balance of mind, body and soul. Artweger is dedicated to the body's balance with its products (Body+Soul, whirlpool).



What do you recommend for desinfecting Whirlpools?

For disinfecting whirlpools Artweger recommends desinfectant tabs (if the whirlpool is equipped with a cleaning system) or desinfectant liquid. Desinfectants are available from your dealer in the following sizes: 50 tabs for 50 uses or 1 litre liquid for up to 20 uses depending on the dosage.



How often should I disinfect my whirlpool?

Artweger recommends disinfecting your whirlpool after every use.



What is aromatherapy?

The steam showers in the BODY+SOUL series offer the possibility of aromatherapy with their aroma drawer in the steam box (BODY+ SOUL). Extracts of aromatic, healing plants in the form of essential oils and dried herbs are used. Aromatherapy is mainly employed for complaints of a psychological nature or for sleep disorders, nervousness or stress. Meanwhile, essential aromas have been medically recognised as support for colds or digestive tract disturbances.



What is light therapy?

The steam showers in the BODY+ SOUL series can be optionally equipped with light therapy. Especially when everyday stress and bad weather get you down, a shower of light can work true wonders. Just a few minutes of vitalising light while you enjoy your shower or steam bath help against a lack of drive and dampened spirits. During the dark time of year especially, light therapy has the power to bring your life energy to light.



What benefits does a steam shower offer?

A steam shower is the perfect symbiosis of shower and wellness oasis. In addition to extended showering pleasure with pulsating side jets or a large-dimensioned overhead showerhead, one is pampered by the function of the steam bath and aroma and light therapy as well as an audio system. One finds perfect relaxation on the folding seat with backrest made of comfortably warm, soft material.



What preparations must be made before installing a BODY+SOUL steam shower?

Please see our preinstallation sheets for important points relevant for installation. You can download these in the B2B area under "downloads". In any case please consult your dealer or installer.



Are custom sizes available for the body+soul series?

Yes, custom sizes are possible as the BODY+SOUL steam shower can be individually adapted to your space requirements.



What bath supplements can you use in a whirlpool?

All kinds of non-effervescent bath supplements which do not contain oils are suitable.



Is three-phase current needed for the installation of Artweger steam showers and whirlpools ?

No, all Artweger wellness products can be operated with 230V.




Are tub feet included with Artweger whirlpools?

All Artweger whirlpool models are delivered with a sturdy foot unit made of galvanised steel and specially matched to the tub type.




Is the BODY+SOUL steam shower also available in a barrier-free design?

Yes, the BODY+SOUL is one of the few steam showers which also allows barrier-free access.



Can rest water remain standing in an Artweger whirlpool?

No, the hose system empties itself automatically due to the arrangement of the water jets. In addition all the air system's air jets are blown dry with maximum blower output after all the water has run out of the tub using the drying function.