Barrier-free in the bathroom

tips for planning

1. The floor

barrier-reduced door access to shower-bathtub

Avoidance of surroundings which can cause someone to trip is only a small part of barrier-free bathroom planning. Steps, door sills, and also thick bathmats can be just as much of a hazard as a slippery floor.

That is why many people replace their bathtub with a barrier-free shower. Thanks to the TWINLINE shower-bathtub with door access that is no longer necessary. It can be installed barrier-reduced by partially inserting it into the floor. With it one does not have to give up taking a bath.

ARTLIFT shower-bathtub with integrated comfortable seat lift

If assistance is required with standing up, the ARTLIFT shower-bathtub with its integrated, comfortable seat lift is the right choice. 

2. Lighting

An important part of bathroom planning is the lighting. There should not only be sufficient light from above but also lights on the side walls to light up the floor and help to prevent accidents. 

3. Bathroom furniture

Remember to think about sharp corners and edges when choosing bathroom furniture. Rounded shapes are not only practical but also very elegant.

unterfahrbarer Waschtisch für das barrierefreie Bad

4. Height and height adjustment

Wash basins which can accommodate a stool or a wheelchair underneath them invite you to be seated. Wash basins and WCs which can be height adjusted are the very best.

Important: Do not mount the mirror too high and keep in mind the use of shelves and other furniture when seated. Not only are the smallest people in the household plea sed about that.

farbliche Kennzeichnung auf Duschen bei Sehproblemen

5. Signal colors

If vision is receding contrasting signal colors in the bathroom and color coding of bathroom products is a great help. 

LIFELINE Mobil is available in the primary colors blue, yellow and red.