Design of small bathrooms

equip small bathrooms cosily and stylishy

1. The smaller the bathroom, the more important the planning

2. Make a conscious effort to make small rooms bigger

  • small bath with large tiles and cool blueTILES: Large-sized tiles have a soothing effect in small rooms. The direction they are laid and the grouting provide an optical effect of width. Vertical lines (e.g. tile decorations) stretch the room. Do not tile right up to the ceiling. A graduated tiled surface can make the room less severe. 

  • LIGHT : Backlit ceiling projections (cove lighting) let the room appear higher. Backlit frosted glass panels look like windows and give an impression of size in rooms without windows.
  • COLORS : Cold colors such as blue and turquoise make a room seem bigger. Pastels have a light and airy effect.
  • No dark colors and patterns in small bathrooms.
  • Large tiled areas create an impression of depth.

3. Make your bathroom an optical experience

  • optical highlights in a small bath - indirect and direct lightingSet spotlights carefully to emphasize objects, pictures etc. A variety of sources of light - indirect, spotlights, suspended lamps, dimmers – enable various lighting moods in the bathroom.

  • LEDs with cycles bathe the room in various colors. Backlit and underlit objects appear to hover and create strong impressions.
  • Break up the division between bathroom and bedroom with wide, generous expanses or with glass walls and create a feeling of spaciousness.

  • Set color and design accents with accessories .