A bath



Everything in life follows fashions which is also true for the facilities in our bathrooms. Bathtubs are ever more frequently being removed and replaced by showers. This is a decision that many regret at a later date because bathing has many benefits and they should be considered carefully when making a decision for or against a bathtub.

a woman taking a bath in the TWINLINE 2 - cosy surroundings

1. A bath encourages mobility

A bath relaxes the muscles: warm water at a temperature from 36°C to 38 °C eases joint pain.

2. A bath improves circulation

Due to the light pressure that the water exerts on the body, circulation is promoted.

3. A bath relieves nervousness

Restive people can let their cares fall away in warm water that lowers blood pressure and allows them to exit the bathtub more relaxed. Aromatic additives heighten this effect.

4. A bath helps ease rheumatic symptoms

The warm water relieves pain and improves movement

5. A bath aids cold relief

Bath additives with eucalyptus, sage or mint have an expectorant effect and make breathing easier.

a woman taking a bath in the TWINLINE AIR shower-bathtub with whirlpool functionality

6. A bath relieves back pain

Bye bye back pain. In a warm bathtub the back can relax, bodyweight does not rest on intervertebral discs and vertebrae. The warmth is  relaxing and eases back pain. 

7. A bath as prevention

If it feels like a cold is on its way, a hot bath can be helpful here too. Thanks to the warmth the mucous membranes among other things becomes better supplied with blood and virus reproduction is slowed down. If the cold has already taken hold a bath relieves the typical symptoms.

8. Essential oils for immunotherapy

Essential oils dissolve in water, are breathed in with the warm air ad provide support for the immune system.

9. Recovery after hard work

A bath with camphor, eucalyptus or rosemary has a relaxing effect and gently helps prevent hardened muscles. 

a woman taking a bath in a Artweger bathtub

10. A bath can prevent cellulite

In combination with an alkaline additive a bath provides optimal support for the body in excretion of acids which are often the cause for cellulite.

11. For healthy skin

A bath with whey supports the skins own protective properties and is actually used in the treatment of skin diseases. Bathing in milk is one of the oldest beauty treatments for skin; it makes the skin smooth and soft, helps relieve irritation and heal blemishes.

12. Care of damaged skin

The treatment of chronic skin diseases such as Psoriasis can be aided by taking a bath with medical additives