Guarantee registration


Dear Customer,

Welcome to the online registration page from ARTWEGER.

Thank you for choosing to register your Artweger product online. The process will only take a few minutes.

Once you have registered you are entitled to a manufacturer's guarantee of up to 5 years on your product provided it was purchased from an Artweger OFFICIAL GUARANTEE PARTNER and it was installed by an Artweger OFFICIAL GUARANTEE PARTNER. The guarantee period begins with the date of purchase and is valid in accordance with the Artweger Conditions of Guarantee.

IMPORTANT: When you register check the field "Are you interested in Artweger news per e-mail".
Only then can we offer you the best after sales service and send you current information and offers about our products and services.

So, just fill out the registration form!

Thank you,
Your Artweger Team


Please note: To register you require the guarantee number of your ARTWEGER product. You can find it on the last page of your ARTWEGER guarantee brochure and on the interior of your product.