Twinline for the whole family


In the family many different needs need to be met. In particular the bathroom can become a place of conflict: That is because this room needs to offer so much:

++ It needs to allow easy and uncomplicated daily hygiene.

++ At the same time it needs to serve as a place to relax.

++ It should be a robust play area for children.

++ It has to provide plenty of storage space for the whole family.


WITH the TWINLINE  you have a comfortable solution to meet all of these needs and at the same time it looks good!


To relax and for wellbeing, the TWINLINE offers a comfortable, very deep bath for luxurious bathing. With the split-door model, the shower screen can simply be swung away while bathing. Wellness-lovers often opt for the TWINLINE Airpool with its invigorating air jets. This is a highlight for both adults and children!


The daily shower is simple and uncomplicated with the TWINLINE. The integrated shower door is opened with a higher-mounted handle for comfortable use while standing. The bath shape is wider in the shower area to give plenty of room for movement while showering.


A bath is essential for children. The TWINLINE offers flexibility here as you can decouple the shower screen from the bath door. While bathing your little ones, you can fold the shower screen away. And if it gets wilder, just use the shower screen as a splash guard - the water stays in the bath even while splashing!

"After our son was born last year, we were very pleased that we had decided on a Twinline 2 when renovating our bathroom. We use the bathtub daily for shared baths with mum or dad."

TWINLINE makes life easier!


The TWINLINE saves space in the bathroom as it offers both a shower and a bath in the same area as a conventional bathtub. As well as that, the shower door opens inwards to save space. The TWINLINE brings twice the comfort in small and large bathrooms, creating extra space.


The unique ARTCLEAR glass eases the cleaning of the glass shower panels for many years. ARTCLEAR glass has a UV hardened extra smooth surface, where water pearls off and dirt and lime can hardly settle. That means easier cleaning for the lifetime of your shower!


"My kids love their baths. And I can still have my shower - thanks to TWINLINE."

"We never had enough storage space in the bathroom. That's why we swapped our bathtub and shower for a TWINLINE. Now we are still able to take a bath or a shower and we have extra space for shelves and bathroom furniture."

"During my pregnancy I am particularly happy that we had decided on a TWINLINE, because it would be very difficult to climb into the bathtub now. With TWINLINE I just walk through the door into my bathtub. That makes me feel much safer."

Comfort and safety become more and more important with age. One doesn't want to settle with compromises. In the bathroom, accessibility and ease of use are vital. Again here TWINLINE is a winner with its many special advantages:

TWINLINE for more comfort and safety.