TWINLINE and ARTLIFT - The bathtubs of the future

Shower or Bath? 

Not a question!

Comfort and well-being are the most important features nowadays when it comes to bathrooms. Personal wishes and preferences would like to be taken into consideration. The question which many people have to answer is - shower or bathtub?

The TWINLINE from Artweger does away with this decision because it is both – a bathtub and a shower at the same time! Due to its integrated glass door you get into the shower and the bathtub practically flush-to-floor. That is why the TWINLINE is the trend-setting alternative to conventional bathtub or shower answers to this question. It is pure comfort!

ARTLIFT is a prime example of what a modern bathroom should provide nowadays: Clean design, innovative technology and convincing comfort. ARTLIFT combines the advantages of the unique shower bath with a comfortable seat lift. In this way Artweger has created a first of its kind all inclusive solution for mobility in the bathroom. See for yourself!


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