Whirlpool AIR equipment for all shower bathtubs!

Gentle luxury. Whisper jets & colored lighting.


The whirlpool of a slightly different kind: In the TWINLINE more than 24 gentle whisper jets were built into the tub. The air bubbles rise like sparkling champagne bubbles and gently massage your body.


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The advantages of the TWINLINE AIR

  • Relaxing - due to the very low amount of noise.
  • Convenient - the jets are automatically blown out after bathing and showering.
  • Comfortable - ergonomic placement of the jets provides an equal effect throughout the whole bathtub.
  • Practical - the fine jets are integrated in the bottom of the tub and are not disturbing when showering or bathing.

The colored lighting

7 colors: white, yellow, red, light blue, green, blue and violet.
Automatic or manual cycle with stop function.

© Artweger GmbH. & Co. KG

The AIR equipment is available for all TWINLINE 1, TWINLINE 2 and ARTLIFT models!


 The classic bath with an extra large shower area



With its bathtub in modern design the TWINLINE 2 embodies the future of all bathtubs.



Shower. Bath. Seat Lift. Your guarantee for mobility in the bathroom.