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As it says, a coating is an extra layer on the glass whereas ARTCLEAR GLASS has a UV hardened surface. Compared to a normal glass coating, ARTCLEAR GLASS is much harder wearing and the water repellent effect lasts for the life time of the shower. 

Because the surface is hardened with UV which means a permanent bonding with the glass occurs. This means the glass is sustainably water repellent and impervious to cleaning agents and glass corrosion.

The daily chore of skimming the glass and wiping dry is no longer necessary with ARTCLEAR GLASS. Just simply rinse the glass with water using the shower head and it dries perfectly leaving hardly a trace. Wipe once a week with a damp soft cleaning cloth and now and again clean thoroughly with a bathroom cleaner— we recommend Artweger BLITZBLANK bathroom cleaner

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No, ARTCLEAR GLASS is only available with Artweger shower enclosures and shower-bathtubs.

The door seal in high Artweger quality makes the TWINLINE watertight (like a washing machine). The material of the seal is durable and elastic.

We differentiate between TWINLINE 1 and TWINLINE 2. Both model ranges are available in the sizes: TWINLINE 160, TWINLINE 170 and TWINLINE 180. The TWINLINE models can also be supplied in a whirlpool design. Your installer will support and advise you in choosing the right model and will ensure expert installation. 

The TWINLINE 1 and TWINLINE 2 models are available with a white plastic skirt and glass skirts in the colours glass clear, anthracite and bordeaux. ARTWALL can also be used as skirt. If the TWINLINE is to be tiled, it is best to use the Twinline tile backer board. 

When renovating any bathroom it is important to lay the water and electrical lines correctly. In addition the exact product dimensions must be considered. Your installer will expertly support you in all installation questions.


Shower: When the door closes, it engages automatically and stays fixed. To open, pull the end of the handle up.

Bath: The door closes and is engaged. By pushing the button on the edge of the tub, you initiate the bath procedure: the drain is closed, the button lights continuously and the tub can be filled. When the tub is filled to about 2 cm a level sensor causes the door to be blocked and fixed in this position. After the bath, pushing the button opens the drain, and the tub is emptied. The door remains blocked at first; the button blinks during this phase. Not until the bathtub is emptied does the level sensor release the door closure, the light on the button goes out, and the shower door can be opened by lifting the end of the handle.



Shower: When the door closes, it engages automatically and stays fixed. Set the closure to the shower position, the drain remains open during the shower. To open the shower door pull the end of the handle up.

Bath: The door closes and is engaged. Slide the closure to the "Bath" position. The drain is automatically closed and remains closed during the bath. To empty the bathtub, slide the closure to the "Shower" position. The drain is automatically opened. Only once the tub is completely emptied can you open the shower door by lifting the end of the handle.

Yes. In the TWINLINE, special, heat-treated, single-pane safety glass (EN 12150), which is more resistant to impact, shock and temperature changes, is used. If the glass breaks, glass granules form, reducing the risk of injury considerably.

The TWINLINE is especially easy to clean: With its “Art-Clean” special coating for genuine glass (optional), TWINLINE offers little hold for dirt and lime deposits. In addition, the hinges glued on the outside make the inner surface of the door particularly quick and easy to clean. Otherwise you care for your TWINLINE as you would for a normal shower or bathtub.

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The whole TWINLINE 1 range is available as a whirlpool, the TWINLINE 2 range as an airpool. Here you can find all information about the equipment variant Air.

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5-YEAR guarantee: for shower door, tub and skirt(s).

2-YEAR statutory warranty: for electrical and electronic elements, ART-Clean glass coating, ART-Grip anti-skid coating, seat, neck support, and tub set.

10-YEAR availability guarantee for replacement parts

For more information, see guarantee.

Almost all commercially available brand-name showerheads fit the TWINLINE. For the fittings: a thermostatic fixture with shutoff/adjustment valve installed in the middle of the long side combined with an integrated tub inlet is ideal. Your installer will gladly advise you.

Wellness means the balance of mind, body and soul. Artweger is dedicated to the body's balance with its products (Body+Soul, whirlpool).

For disinfecting airpools Artweger recommends desinfectant tabs (if the whirlpool is equipped with a cleaning system) or desinfectant liquid. Desinfectants are available from your dealer in the following sizes: 50 tabs for 50 uses or 1 litre liquid for up to 20 uses depending on the dosage.

Artweger recommends disinfecting your whirlpool after every use.

The steam showers in the BODY+SOUL series offer the possibility of aromatherapy with their aroma drawer in the steam box (BODY+ SOUL). Extracts of aromatic, healing plants in the form of essential oils and dried herbs are used. Aromatherapy is mainly employed for complaints of a psychological nature or for sleep disorders, nervousness or stress. Meanwhile, essential aromas have been medically recognised as support for colds or digestive tract disturbances.

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The steam showers in the BODY+ SOUL series can be optionally equipped with light therapy. Especially when everyday stress and bad weather get you down, a shower of light can work true wonders. Just a few minutes of vitalising light while you enjoy your shower or steam bath help against a lack of drive and dampened spirits. During the dark time of year especially, light therapy has the power to bring your life energy to light.

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A steam shower is the perfect symbiosis of shower and wellness oasis. In addition to extended showering pleasure with pulsating side jets or a large-dimensioned overhead showerhead, one is pampered by the function of the steam bath and aroma and light therapy as well as an audio system. One finds perfect relaxation on the folding seat with backrest made of comfortably warm, soft material.

Please see our preinstallation sheets for important points relevant for installation. You can download these in the specialist partner area under "Measurement, pre-assembly and assembly documents". In any case, please consult your dealer or installer.

Yes, custom sizes are possible as the BODY+SOUL steam shower can be individually adapted to your space requirements.

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Yes, the basic steam box (without audio or light) is suitable for this purpose. Connections to electricity and cold water have to be in place. In addition, sufficient heat insulation of the walls as well as steam-proofing of the shower screen has to be guaranteed. The maximum volume of space of 2.6m³ per steam box must not be exceeded. If the volume is larger, heating up takes longer and the maximum temperature that can be reached is reduced.   

No, all Artweger wellness products can be operated with 230V.

All kinds of non-effervescent bath supplements which do not contain oils are suitable.

Yes, the BODY+SOUL is one of the few steam showers which also allows barrier-free access.

All Artweger whirlpool models are delivered with a sturdy foot unit made of galvanised steel and specially matched to the tub type.

No, the hose system empties itself automatically due to the arrangement of the water jets. In addition all the air system's air jets are blown dry with maximum blower output after all the water has run out of the tub using the drying function.

The sheet material in Artweger shower trays and bathtubs is manufactured according to the DIN EN 263 standard from cast bathroom acrylic with netting.

Die TWINLINE 2 Wanne wird in einem Mehr-Komponenten-System hergestellt. Die Oberfläche besteht aus Sanitäracryl, die Rückseite wird mit lösemittelfreiem Polyurethan im Mehrschicht-Verfahren verstärkt.

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Artweger shower trays and bathtubs are only available in white.

Yes, the Artweger shower enclosure series LIFELINE Mobil and ARTWEGER 360 are available in a barrier-free version (without an overflow moulding). In addition the shower enclosures from the LIFELINE Mobil series are suitable for wheelchairs, whereby the wheelchair suitability depends on applicable standards and/or individual requirements.

Yes, however custom heights are not possible with genuine-glass quarter-round showers because of the curved glass of the doors.


Die Serien ARTWEGER 360, LIFELINE und BASELINE können mit Aussparungen bzw. Abschrägungen hergestellt werden.

The frames of all Artweger shower enclosures are manufactured from a special aluminium-magnesium alloy that is especially suited for use in bathrooms.

This overflow moulding guarantees very good watertightness at the bottom and increases the stability of the shower enclosure.

Artweger recommends the Art-Squeegee included with every genuine-glass shower for drawing off the water from the glass after every shower. For optimum cleaning Artweger offers a cleaning set as an accessory containing a squeegee, 3 special cleaning cloths, and one litre BlitzBlank.

No, when installing an Artweger shower enclosure the shower tray is not drilled into. In standard solutions the attachment occurs solely on the tiled walls of the room.

Artweger recommends sealing with silicone caulking from the outside. In this way it is ensured that the water runs off into the shower tray.

Artweger recommends not using commercially available window cleaners because they do not contain lime dissolvers, unlike Artweger's BlitzBlank shower cleanser.

Many products are available from stock. Products, that cannot be supplied immediately from stock have the following delivery times:
Shower enclosures: 2-3 weeks
Steam showers: 3 weeks
Bathtubs and shower trays in stock
TWINLINE:  2-3 weeks
All delivery times are ex works Bad Ischl

For Artweger custom manufacture is a matter of course. Every custom shower from Artweger adapts practically and creatively to room requirements with even the most complicated corners. We have the right solutions for all special requests, whether slanted ceilings, narrow spaces or generous walk-in systems. A sketch of the exact installation situation is essential.

Depending on the product line Artweger offers the following door systems: winged door, pivot door, swinging door and sliding door. In addition, folding doors and folding screens are available for some product lines.

Anodisation is a galvanic process in which the aluminium surface is transformed into an oxide layer. The hard, dense surface created in this way is joined fast to the underlying material. It protects the anodised aluminium from corrosion and abrasion. Anodisation is a cost-effective alternative to powder coating.

The guarantee on Artweger shower enclosures is 5 years and covers defects in manufacture and materials.

More info under guarantee

Thanks to careful heat treatment according to EN 12150, the glass obtains considerably increased resistance to impact, shock and temperature change. Due to these properties, single-pane safety glass can be used as a structural element for shower enclosures. If the glass breaks, blunt-edge glass granules mostly form that remain partially tightly interlaced with one another. Possible risk of injury is thereby reduced significantly.

Art-Clean is a special glass coating for genuine glass that is only applied at the factory and hinders lime and dirt deposits. This way with regular cleaning the glass-clear brilliance stays durable and turns glass shower enclosures into easy-care showpieces in your bathroom.

For the hygienic and easy cleaning of your bathroom and shower, Artweger recommends the biodegradable Artweger BlitzBlank cleanser. It has optimum cleaning power without damaging the surfaces of Artweger products. Artweger BlitzBlank is available from your bathroom dealer.

Shower enclosures, steam showers and whirlpools are distributed exclusively through authorised bathroom dealers. Care products (Artweger BlitzBlank, Artclear liquid and tabs, etc.) as well as replacement parts are also available directly from Artweger.

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Yes, we offer drain and overflow fixtures as accessories for all Artweger bathtubs and shower trays. They are already built into our airlpools.

The surface finish using genuine chrome requires a complex and error-free manufacturing process. The aluminium work pieces require a special alloy suitable for this. Before the galvanic application of the chrome layer, surface irregularities are removed in an elaborate sanding and polishing process. The chrome layer is responsible for the familiar, shining brilliance that matches the fixtures installed in your bathroom. However, for this to come into its own, there are also a copper layer and two nickel layers concealed underneath. This high-quality, demanding procedure allows the use of chrome surfaces in bathrooms.