Clean glass a shower life long!


ARTCLEAR GLASS is a new, permanently easy-clean glass for shower enclosures. The ARTCLEAR glass surface is specially treated and hardened by UV exposure. This leads to an impressive result: the treated glasses are protected against aging and glass corrosion and remain clear for the entire life of the shower!


  • Water-repellent surface
  • Lime and dirt find hardly any hold
  • Significantly reduced cleaning effort
  • No need to wipe the glasses after showering


  • UV-hardened glass surface, lasts the whole life of the shower
  • Permanently resistant to care and cleaning agents
  • Suitable for microfibre cloths
  • Protection against aging and glass corrosion, the glass remains clear

Cleaning made easy!

It is not necesary to daily clean or dry wipe Artweger showers and shower trays with the new ARTCLEAR GLAS. Simply rinse the glasses with a hand shower after showering, the glasses dry almost residue-free.


To clean the shower, wipe the glasses regularly with a damp cloth (also microfibre cloth) and clean from time to time with a conventional bath cleaner. We recommend Artweger BLITZBLANK.

Artweger has particularly easy-to-clean showers!

The new ARTCLEAR glass makes cleaning the shower glasses easier than ever. In addition, Artweger hinges and fittings are bonded to the outside of the glass using a special technique. The inside of the glass is therefore completely flat and without joints on which limescale residues could deposit. In addition, the silicone joints on the wall fixtures are covered by a panel, the shower still looks like new even after years!

ARTCLEAR GLASS is available for:

Artweger steam shower BODY+SOUL

Equipped with ARTCLEAR GLASS as standard

Artweger shower bathtubs TWINLINE & ARTLIFT

All ARTLIFT models are equipped with ARTCLEAR GLASS as standard

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