A designer's company

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Artweger -- a designful company. Behind Artweger's design there is a name: GP designpartners. Rudolf Greger and Christoph Pauschitz have been looking after Artweger since 1998 and are thus responsible for the design of nearly all of the company's bath products. Together with their 10-strong designer team and Artweger's technicians they create products that gain abundant international recognition - just like all the other products that GP design when they are not working for Artweger. These include dictating machines for Philips, hearing aids for Siemens, lifts for Doppelmayr and babies' dummies for MAM. The statements of satisfied GP clients confirm Artweger's decision to choose this design team, which can already almost be described as Artweger's external design department. Here it is less the “what” than the “how” that is decisive for mutual success. Not **because** GP is doing it, but because GP does it **that way**, which is to say improves people's lives, with a capable understanding of customers and the market and in close cooperation with sales, marketing and engineering. This philosophy of GP has been the basis of the companies' long-term cooperation right from the beginning.