Walk-In with the bathing plus!

You like to shower. And for your new bathroom you would like a stylish walk-in shower solution. A wide glass front with floor level entry - without a door of course. 

However, now and again you would like the chance to take a full bath. But having both takes up too much space.

It's not an easy decision: a generous shower space and completely give up on a bath?

But why compromise, when having both is possible!

The new JOICE Walk In + is not only an extremely stylish walk-in. It can do a lot more. We don't say for nothing: "You have the JOICE."

In an instant, the walk-in shower turns into a bath. But only then when you feel like taking a relaxing full bath.

Because JOICE Walk In+ is the first barrier-free walk In, in which you can also take a bath.



Barrier-free entry into a generous shower area

Barrier-free entry into a generous shower area

Zum Baden wird einfach ein Schott eingesetzt und verriegelt.  | © Artweger GmbH. & Co. KG

For bathing, a panel is simply added and locked into place.

Why no bathroom should be without a bath:

Bathing and showering have completely different purposes. Whereas showering is about hygiene and refreshment, a bath is where the body and mind can relax. The bathtub is an ancient wellness centre, ideal to free your soul.

We don't know what the future will bring. Often our life circumstances change and all at once, one needs a bathtubfor a new partner, for children or for the good of your health.

With the addtition of bathsalts and healing poultices our wellbeing oasis turns into a centre of health, above all for the skin.

A new job, a new hobby or a sporting challenge: Your needs can quickly change. Like in the bathroom. With the JOICE you always have, at least when it comes to bathing and showering, all possiities open.

JOICE Walk In +

The first barrier-free walk-in. in which you can also bathe.

JOICE Walk IN + - in different colour combinations to fit in with any bathroom!