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ARTWEGER 360 swinging door

With the new 360° TWIN hinge

In the Artweger 360 range you will find exactly the shower that matches your style and fits your bathroom. With a true highlight: the 360° TWIN hinge! Due to the 360° TWIN hinge the doors can be opened to a maximum of 180 degrees inwards or outwards depending on the bathroom plan! Nothing stands in the way anymore!



Special solutions:

Customized solutions

For your very own special wishes in bathroom furnishings. Whether it is in a private home, in larger
facilities or in hotels - with Artweger you can realize various special ideas quickly and professionally.

Cutouts, sloped walls, and special sizes

Whether it is generous WALK IN solutions, angled niches or sloped ceilings you will always find a suitable solution with Artweger 360 - made to measure. Special heights, asymmetrical rooms or unusual design are also possible in series design with Artweger 360. The 360° TWIN hinge opens up additional possibilities.


Cleaning & Care:

We recommend the Art-Squeegee included with every genuine-glass shower for wiping off the water from the glass after every shower. This is not necessary with ARTCLEAR GLASS. For hygienic and easy cleaning of your bathroom and shower, Artweger recommends the biodegradable Artweger Blitz Blank cleanser. It has optimum cleaning power without damaging the surfaces of Artweger products. Artweger Blitz Blank is available from your bathroom dealer. Do not use on marble or calciferous stone!

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