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TWISTLINE swinging- and folding door

Make your bathroom larger.


Do you believe that it is not possible in your bathroom? Then take a closer look at TWISTLINE from Artweger. Its major feature is the swing doors which can be opened inwards as well as outwards.



Special solutions:

In addition many special solutions such as special heights and widths, tapering and base cut outs are possible.
Can be installed ON a shower tray or WITHOUT a shower tray. 2 standard heights - 190 cm or 204 cm

Cleaning & Care:

We recommend the Art-Squeegee included with every genuine-glass shower for wiping off the water from the glass after every shower. This is not necessary with ARTCLEAR GLASS. For hygienic and easy cleaning of your bathroom and shower, Artweger recommends the biodegradable Artweger Blitz Blank cleanser. It has optimum cleaning power without damaging the surfaces of Artweger products. Artweger Blitz Blank is available from your bathroom dealer. Do not use on marble or calciferous stone!

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